School services

HWMSS provides related music services and support to schools either in the form of specialised inset provision or pupil based learning programmes. Inset provision is delivered at both primary and secondary level and is individually developed to specific requirements across all aspects of music education from classroom percussion for the non specialist primary teacher to support of secondary staff in digital recording techniques. Pupil based learning programmes are designed to cater for specific needs either to support delivery of the National Curriculum or to enhance the school learning strategy. Contact HWMSS for more information.

Curriculum Teaching

We have been working over this academic year to ensure that we can deliver a high quality curriculum. We know that schools approach their music provision in different ways. Some schools prefer a specialist within the school to deliver the curriculum. Some prefer an external specialist to come in to school freeing up staff for the PPA time, whilst others would like all staff in school to have the skills and confidence to teach music.

We are offering to:
• Fulfil the role of music specialist; or
• Cover PPA; or
• Collaboratively deliver a 2 year programme of CPD

We have asked our Curriculum leader, Mr Karl Stott, to contact schools to see if this is something that they would like to be involved in. Should you wish to contact him sooner please email

At the bottom of this page is a flyer for our curriculum offer and an outline of some of the possible units of work.

About Karl Stott.
Karl obtained a Primary PGCE from Edge Hill University, and a 1st Class Music degree from the University of Salford. Karl has worked with many schools to deliver the NC for Music and in addition has designed a two year CPD programme to embed the teaching of music across the school. At the end of this two year period all staff have the skills and resources to continue to deliver a high quality National Curriculum for Music.

Karl is a passionate musician, and believes music is an extremely important aspect of the primary curriculum. As well as being a highly skilled curriculum teacher Karl has taught brass for almost 20 years in the North West and North Wales. He has performed in many prestigious venues in the UK, and has toured Europe and North America with various ensembles.
Karl has a proven track record of developing the curriculum to meet the needs of each school he works with.

Quotes from teachers/children:
“I don’t like music with Mr Stott...I LOVE music with Mr Stott” – KS1 child

“Karl has given me the confidence to teach music in my own classroom. Before, I was nervous and avoided it when possible. Karl has shown me how music can be linked to English and Maths and other topics. Although I am still nervous, I know that the resources he has provided will help me deliver music successfully to my children.” – KS2 Teacher

“In evaluating the first year of this project, the feedback from both teachers and children has been overwhelmingly positive. He has given confidence to teachers to be able to teach music, and the pupils have responded magnificently in their music sessions, including performing, composition and singing.” – Headteacher – Duke Street Primary School.

“A Year 2 assembly earlier in the year enabled children to demonstrate their considerable composing and performing skills, having written a soundtrack to accompany a film about penguins. The whole school witnessed a very special moment.” Headteacher – Coppull St. John’s Primary School

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact Karl or via the main office 01928 515551

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